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The importance of dance and movement in youth learning activities



Our facilitator Umoja comes to the ISL on Wednesdays. He uses drama to work with the youth.

Today I observed a Dance/movement routine he ask the youth to do at the beginning of the class.

I was playing Need by Brookly Funk Essentials before he started. He asked me to continue because he liked the rhythm of the song.

When he finished the routine i asked him to explain why he had chosen dance/movement.

He told me he was trying to achieve the following;

  • Unifying the group. because they are coming from different locations different homes. helping them to move together- synchronizing
  • Fostering peer learning. Learning from each other. If someone is shy they can she themselves through another persons movement
  • The repetition of the steps gave them the idea that you can keep trying until you succeed.  Even if you don’t get it perfect the more you try it becomes perfect.
  • The rhythm of the  music gave a mood of exploring what was given . The sound might not have been familiar and so it encouraged them to feel more and experiment with the movement.

One person said” mi like the movement because it give me a energy, mi just feel something from mi foot come straight up di whole a mi body”



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