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Recovering from Childhood
Recovering from childhood
Learning Experience Description

What does your childhood have to do with your today? The short answer is EVERYTHING! It has everything to do with who you are right here and right now. Over the years I have found that many people have not noticed that the trauma (however big or small) that they experienced as a child is absolutely related to who they are today and how they function in the world. I often hear people say that they came out ‘okay’ despite their childhood experiences and I generally have to question their understanding of what ‘okay’ means. They don’t realize that some of the things they struggle with and some of the habits they have today are as a direct result of their childhood experiences.

This six week Learning Experience was developed by Isabel Dennis to support you to practice exploring your self, making connections, grieving (if necessary), and creating new habits. It provides six weeks of toolkits to help you reflect and understand the ideas and context you grew up in so that you can identify how they have shaped your today. You will  have the option to join a group chat, request a buddy to help you on your journey, and participate in live group discussions.

Regardless of if you have spent loads or little time exploring your self, this Learning Experience will support you to map out your own journey into self. Be clear that this is not a magic fix, nor is it going to be super comfortable all the time! It will require you to committ to the process and lead the exploration. Another important note is that you will not be able to ‘fully’ recover and unearth all the treasures locked within you with six weeks, but you will find some and practice ways of finding the rest over time. My goal is to support you to practice journeying into your self and cleaning up your trauma. When we are done you should have some tools and enough practice to be able to continue the journey on your own.

Remember: recovery is a journey, not a one off event. So keep on stepping!

The next cohort begins 23rd April 2019 and ends 4th June 2019. To register, fill out the form below and make a down payment of $10* (USD).


*Whenever you have determined the value of this Learning Experience to you is when the balance is due. We want you to have access to this Learning Experience so let us know if you prefer to contribute in another way.

If for any reason you wish to cancel your registration, please email leadtochangeja@gmail.com and we will apply your refund (less transaction costs).

Looking forward to experiencing this journey with you!

Isabel D.