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Di ISL tutors

Di Institute for Social Leadership will be offering tutoring services for CXC subjects beginning this September. Our subjects include Mathematics, English, English Literature and History.

We are open to flexible payment plan arrangements.

Resumes for our tutors are available upon request.
Recovering from Childhood (ToolKit)

Learning to Live Toolkit - Recovering from Childhood

What does your childhood have to do with your today? The short answer is EVERYTHING! It has everything to do with who you are right here and right now.

This ToolKit provides think pieces, questions and a 30-day roadmap to help you reflect and understand some of your childhood experiences so that you can identify how they have shaped your today. You will receive weekly newsletters and daily challenges that cover the following topics to help you on your journey:

  1. How were you born?
  2. What were your parents/guardians childhood like?
  3. Creating new habits with this knowledge.

Within you are a treasure trove of experiences that this ToolKit can support you to explore. It will not be possible to find all the treasure, but you will find some and practice ways of finding others over time. Recovery is a journey, not a one off event. So keep on stepping!

To access this ToolKit and start the journey tomorrow: fill out the form below and make a contribution of $10* (USD).

*Suggested financial contribution for the work involved in developing this ToolKit. We want you to have access to this ToolKit so let us know if you prefer to contribute in another way.


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