What is the value of a superstar? Reasoning at Di ISL


On Wednesday August 23 2017 starting at 6pm. Di Institute for Social Leadership will host a reasoning titled ” The value of a superstar; the case of Usain Bolt, Bob Marley and Brand Jamaica”. This reasoning is sparked by conversations and research about Usain Bolt’s net worth as he retires from track and field and how some local and global businesses have used the “Bolt” brand.

The reasoning will be facilitated by Isabel Dennis with an opening presentation by DJ afifa.

  • Some of the questions we are exploring are;
  • Should Usain Bolt have made more money ?
  • How does he make his money?
  • What does a country do when it is a “brand”?
  • Who is benefiting from the Bolt brand?
  • Who owns brand Jamaica?
  • What happens when you combine brand Jamaica and a personal brand in the case of Usain Bolt and Bob Marley?

We want to also use Bob Marley Jamaica’s first Reggae music superstar to demonstrate some of the complexities of global brand management for small islands with tremendous “superstar talent”.

This reasoning comes at a time when we can see even more clearly than before the cultural signifiance of Jamaica in the world and what have we really done with it? Looking forward to the reasoning. Please

RSVP for this event at leadtochangeja@gmail.com


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