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Leadership, sustainable development

Leadership and Programme Development at the ISL

Uche is in charge at the ISL. That is what I tell everybody who asks about the ISL. I could still run the ISL because I started it but the ISL is about social leadership, developing talents, nurturing talents and encouraging growth. Being equal participants and facilitators for a better reality.

I never asked Uche if he wanted to be in charge but he demonstrated enough interest in a partnership in developing the ISL, a love for helping people and a love for children and youth his community.

We have been doing this leadership experiment for about a year. I have been away from the ISL for 3 months allowing Uche space to be fully in charge.

Leadership is an important principle in our society. Understanding what it means and how it works. A lack of leadership has been blamed for several problems we experience. It is important to develop leadership. It is certainly one way that important work continues.

I have looked at this process as a part of the art of leadership. These are the things i have observed and these are the things i have tried to do.

  1. Avoid being the main decision maker
  2. Avoid being powerful and appearing extremely powerful to those around
  3. Avoid seeming like you don’t also need support
  4. Build friendships
  5. Stay vulnerable and honest about your life and your experiences
  6. Leave space to just look and see what happens
  7. If someone has an idea tell them to just do it
  8. Tell everybody that they can do whatever they want to do for the ISL
  9. Look and see where they are challenges to execute ideas
  10. Look and see how people work or do not work together

It would be even more interesting to hear what Uche has to say about leadership at the ISL. he may take a different view.


About afifa

Dj Afifa is a selecta from Jamaica. She works on sound projects and makes spaces inspired by music. She has been working on sound art since 2009. She has co founded two spaces; the SO((U))L HQ and Di Institute for Social Leadership in Jamaica. She currently works in between both of these spaces. She has a two weekly programmes on ZanJ Radio. The Electromagneticradiation and Crocus Bag a tings.


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