Sexual activity, Awareness and Health among boys in Low income families in Jamaica

This post is based on a conversation with two boys who came to visit the ISL on Thursday February 5 2015. The conversation started when I tried to stop the two boys from calling another boy a “batty boy” (homosexual). They were shouting at him in a threatening manner. I stopped them and also asked them why they were calling the boy names. The conversation raised the following issues;

  • boys 14-16 believe that men must be aggressive and women soft
  • football is a boy sport and netball is a girl sport
  • boys should not play netball
  • boys who act like girls are gay
  • boys who act like girls can be straightened out
  • straightening out includes the use of violent methods such as beating and chopping
  • they know boys have been straightened out
  • boys and men should have many girlfriends
  • boys and men can hit women if it is necessary to teach them a lesson
  • They have hit girls several times already
  • They are having sex with many girls
  • they don’t think the girl can get pregnant
  • they think that nothing can go wrong with the condom
  • They play football when they feel sad
  • They don’t cry
  • They would only get married if the woman was a “white woman who could take care of them

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