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Deconstructing the process and methods by which “ideas” and “narratives” are created and disseminated in “news”.

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Week 2 of Political Potpourri 2 with Motza Ramon at the ISL. Adding more images and exploring more ideas. Motza demonstrates a kind of discipline and process that is important in developing a body of work as an artist. His work with images from the Jamaica Gleaner and the Jamaica Observer is particularly useful for deconstructing the process and methods by which “ideas” and “narratives” are created and disseminated in “news”. Political Potpourri also gives us a chance to see Jamaica and the what surrounds us in the pattern of news and news making. The exhibition is also designed to be interactive and visitors come to make news as well. The exhibition continues next Sunday from 10am to 6pm.


About afifa

Dj Afifa is a selecta from Jamaica. She works on sound projects and makes spaces inspired by music. She has been working on sound art since 2009. She has co founded two spaces; the SO((U))L HQ and Di Institute for Social Leadership in Jamaica. She currently works in between both of these spaces. She has a two weekly programmes on ZanJ Radio. The Electromagneticradiation and Crocus Bag a tings.


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